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Iae V2500 Tooling Manual

International Aero Engines brings advantages in technical excellence and manufacturing expertise, with a reputation of producing the engine of choice for the Airbus A320 family. V2500 engines offer the most advanced technologies in the 22,000- to 33,000-pound thrust range with lowest overall emissions in its class. The IAE V2500 SelectOne™ build standard entered service on schedule in October 2008. SelectOne™ delivers reduced fuel burn along with a corresponding reduction in emissions, and a time on-wing improvement while further enhancing the engine’s durability.

Iae v2500 tooling manual pdf

(IAE V2500) Engine Differences. Tions and routine work according to the maintenance manual and other relevant. Recommended training days. BRIAN NELSON - Manufacturers Alliance (MA).

Iae V2500 Tooling Manual

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(May 2008) V2500 V2528-D5 mounted on the MD-90-30 flight test aircraft at the Mojave Airport Type Manufacturer First run 1987 Major applications Number built 6,200 by 2015 The IAE V2500 is a two-shaft high-bypass engine which powers the (A320, A321, A319 and the Airbus Corporate Jet), the, and the. Is a consortium backed by four aero-engine manufacturers, formed in 1983 to produce the engine. For the V2500 was granted in 1988. The 22-blade fan of an A320's V2500-A1 based the HP compressor on a scale-up of the RC34B eight stage research unit used in the RB401-06 Demonstrator Engine, but with a zero-stage added at the front and a tenth stage added to the rear.

Developed the combustor and the 2-stage air-cooled HP turbine, while the provided the LP compression system. Were responsible for the 5-stage LP turbine. The 4,000th V2500 engine was delivered to the Brazilian flag carrier TAM and installed on the 4,000th Airbus A320 family aircraft (an A319).

Variants. Nacelle V2500-A1 First entered service with. V2533-A5 A fourth booster stage was introduced into the engine basic configuration to increase core flow. This, together with a fan diameter/airflow increase, helped to increase the thrust to 33,000 lbf (147 kN) thrust, to meet the requirements of the larger -200.

The vast majority of V2500s are A5. The market for V2500 is close to US$3 billion as of 2015. Derated versions A number of derated, Stage 4 noise compliant engines have been produced from the -A5 configuration, including:.

The 23,500 lbf (105 kN) thrust V2524-A5 for the. The 27,000 lbf (120 kN) thrust V2527-A5 for the.

The 25,000 lbf (110 kN) thrust V2525-D5 for the -30. Engine Turbine and Accessory on the side instead of bottom to accommodate side mount. Also has an option in the cockpit to add 3K extra lbf in case of Hot and High conditions.

V2500 Tooling

The 33,000 lbf (150 kN) thrust V2533-A5 for the. The 31,330 lbf (139.4 kN) thrust V2535-E5 for the V2500SelectOne On October 10, 2005, IAE announced the launch of the V2500Select—later called V2500SelectOne—with a sale to to power 100 A320 series aircraft. The V2500SelectOne is a combination performance improvement package and aftermarket agreement. In February 2009, Pratt & Whitney upgraded the first V2500-A5 to the SelectOne Retrofit standard; the engine was owned by US Airways and had been in use since 1998.

Iae V2500 Tooling Manual Pdf

V2500SelectTwo On March 15, 2011, IAE announced an upgrade option of V2500 SelectOne Engines to the SelectTwo Program. It offers 0.58% reduced fuel consumption due to a software-upgrade and a turbine blade coating called ErCoat, and is available since 2013 for the V2500-A5 variants.

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