Topcon Gts 236n Manual


Thank you for purchasing the TOPCON Electronic Total Station, GTS-230N series. And loss of profits caused by usage except for explained in the user manual.4 Systematic Error of Instrument Correction (only for GTS-233N/235N/236N).

TOPCON Electronic total station GTS-220 series Electronic total station GTS-220 series Electronic Total Station Electronic total station GTS-220 series GTS-220 series TOPCON proudly announces the debut GTS-220 Series as the innovative successor to the best selling GTS-210 Series Total Stations. The GTS-210 Series with 'Waterproof' design brought revolution to the surveying industry with features and durability. Now the new GTS-220 Series has up-graded its basic functions for distance and angle measurement in addition to maintaining superb durability against the environment.

The GTS-220 Series is also provided with a longer life battery of 10 hours, and various kinds of application programs makes surveying work quick and simple in the field. The features included with the 'All Weather' highly productive GTS-220 Series Total Stations are setting a new standard for surveying!

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Topcon gts 236n manual

Thanks for the manual, it's a big help. I don't have a data collector at the moment, I just bought this for personal use, I am fairly new to them. What is the most cost effective way to go regarding data collectors for these?

Topcon Gts 236n ManualTopcon Gts 236n Manual

Also I seem to be having issues with the EDM. I don't have a prism as of yet so this may be causing the issues I am encountering. Is there a way to test without one? It does turn on, I can hear a click and see a red light in the scope.

Topcon Gts-236n User Manual

It comes up with - C in the display which according to the manual means poor light. I am not getting any error messages which hopefully is a good sign and it is just operator error. I have only used regular electronic theodolites in the past, so these total stations are new to me. Any help would be good. There is a great variation in how well bicycle/traffic safety reflectors work. I find that the approx 1 inch ones distributed in the US are useless because their scatter pattern is too broad and has holes in it. Some brands of the 3' ones are good.

Topcon Gts-236n Instruction Manual

The Hillman brand red 3' is better. The Hillman reflective tape strips are not as good as the circular reflectors, but better than most other tapes. For initial testing, use a range of several yards/meters. If you get too far from something that isn't returning a strong signal it won't work, but you can also be too close, say under 3 or 4 yards. Car tail lights are quite variable, but you might be able to get a response on one as a quick test rather than waiting to buy something.

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