2018 Gmc Duramax Diesel Supplement Manual


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Wait and see, I found the source, so I think you could too Its like your accusation of my post on Duramax Forum, which I have never posted in I am waiting? You find a post I made in that Forum, and I will share the link publicly to the production data I follow? BTW, I already shared it with certain writers on this site. Many of the automotive journalists, and analysts are following the same twitter account, and I think Bloomberg is even adjusting to this data. I think its pretty darn credible, as at a minimum the guy is staking out the factory.

I don’t do Twitter, and I don’t dox people’s other accounts on other forums.shrug. If people want to see your posts about you bragging about driving your GM diesel truck at 90 MPH across Montana, they can find that right here in the archives at insideev’s, they don’t even have to go to any duramax forum. Are you admitting that your source for numbers is the already well debunked “Skabooshka” who is a mentally imbalanced Tesla hater who ALSO doesn’t provide his source? If you want to tie yourself to that anchor. Nice try at attempting to distract away from your attempt at passing off the use of your use of unsourced loonies as if they were factual.

You know I have not posted in Duramax forum, you and pups, just making things up Yes, I have driven my pickup 90 mph in MT, ID, and Eastern WA, Its wide open country and most people drive at least that fast I have been passed a few times in Montana over 90 mph. Actually if you want to talk about top speed though, that would be 98 mph, where the governor comes in on the pickup 90 is more like a cruising speed. Actually when I bought my Cadillac CTS-V at Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg Id, I hit 165mph on the way home in between Spokane and Moses Lake, making sure the tires are well balanced Thats the fastest I have ever gone in a car. And how was this guy debunked? He was the first to post about the factory fires, before they were ever reported, and last month when Bloomberg corrected their model 3 tracker, they corrected it to his numbers And then almost nailed the quarterly production released by Tesla. So you can say what you want, and I cannot argue as I do not know the actual source of the information, but it sure seems to match all the other data circling around. I am curious, you are so quick to rip my sources of information, but you do not put any of your own guesses or information out there?

You do not have any valuable information? You spend most of your time trolling other posters on this forum, but actually do not add anything of value You are like pupu, a guy who does not even drive, but yet constantly gives his input on cars, and driving experiences. I mean, I am happy to debate with you, but when you lose I do not want to hear your whiny little excuses. Actually dude, I just want to put a stop to your false accusations and nonsense If there is one thing I am its straight up, If I posted something I will back it up. But this is like arguing car factories like you did with me months back, you are ill equipped to take on that debate, as I have been in car factories on multiple continents, and have close friendships with vehicle line executives for multiple companies. I know what goes on behind the scenes, and how cars go through development, and testing.

Your close ties with the ICE industry and your buddies who are ICE executives certainly explains your interest in attacking Tesla endlessly. You are far from straight-up, as multiple people have exposed on multiple green car websites you troll. You are a well known entity. No, I’m not going to dox your posts on those websites either, and never have. Even though posting links to your same nonsense would show you KNEW your BS had ALREADY been debunked elsewhere before you ever cut and paste it here. People like you in the ICE industry is why Tesla is so adamant not to allow a bunch of ICE car dealerships who have a long history of bashing Tesla and EV’s from being able to own Tesla franchises. OK, Since I have not posted on Duramax Forum, I certainly have nothing to worry about you doxxing me on, you would only expose yourself to the embarrassment of misrepresentation.

As for the other green car sites, well that would be Electrek which is a purely Tesla fan boy site, and Clean Techna which tries to pretend to be about green initiatives, but they have slipped with writers like Zach, and the Grumpy Old Man, neither of which are Americans. I feel like Zach, Grumpy, and Fred are all Tesla stock pumpers, they are just trying like mad to have their investment work out. Tesla did not want to have dealerships because they thought it would be more cost effective to control their user experience, but considering that Tesla has the highest S,G, & A cost per car in the industry, it seems another place Elon failed. Are you getting ready for a fun ride this week? I think its going to be a week to remember, lots to chat about. Do you have any predictions? Lets compare to see who is closer to the real data?

For wanting me to dox you, you certainly did the job pretty well yourself. You exposed that you are just another Tesla hater who’s primary goal here is to spread Tesla hate. Let’s review what we learned here today: 1) Your choice of what green websites you post on is based around where you can most attack Tesla and Tesla supporters. 2) You are an ICE car company insider, who parrots all the ICE car company attacks on Tesla. 3) Your “source” for your fake Tesla numbers is to parrot a known anti-Tesla hack that doesn’t provide his supposed source for his numbers either.

(No wonder you’ve been hiding your “source”) 4) While at the same time you bash Pushy for not owning an EV, you drive two of GM’s dirtiest gas guzzlers since the Hummer. 5) Your primary interest in Tesla is attacking Tesla’s financials, and has nothing to do with EV’s, promoting EV’s, or anything green. Nix, Pushy does not even drive he is hardly a person to talk about a cars abilities etc If you want to insult me because I have a pickup truck, you might want to look at where you live, and wonder how it got built Look at Tesla’s factories, and wonder how they got built Look at Teslas cars and wonder how they get shipped? Have you seen the Tesla supercharger at the Burbank storage lot, its hooked directly to a diesel generator, so you can talk smack all you want, but the simple fact is you are clueless to how the world works, how things are built, and how things get done. Have you ever wondered how many flights Elon Musk takes a week on his Gulfstream G650 that are not work related?

18 flights last week, some to Van Nuys, some to san Jose, some to Reno, and another resort airport near Reno. How do those emissions compare to my truck? Is Elon’s jet the only one in the world with exhaust after-treatement to cut down on NOX (like my pickup has)? And what is the fuel burn for him to commute home? I am guessing he Read more ».

Given the fact that no other car maker has a serious, attractive, full utility BEV under $50k on the market in the US right now, Tesla could end up with a huge chunk of the electric car buying public next year. Nissan will finally get a full utility BEV when the 60 kWh Leaf arrives, but until then, they have a limited utility, short range BEV with no thermal management. Chevy has the Bolt but between the cheap interior, uncomfortable seats, poor reputation of small Chevy cars and the bug eyed look, it just isn’t going to get any traction sales-wise without a large decrease in price. The Volt is a great car, but it simply hasn’t caught on and probably never will. I love mine, but I probably won’t get another GM product unless they build a CUV with Voltec tech.

The PiP is a joke when it comes to range, pity, the car could be so much more with just 4 or 5 more kWh. Fords plug ins aren’t much better when it comes to range. Honda may be the sleeper, we will see. Tesla could dominate the market in 2018, if they can increase the 3 build Read more ». I wish people would STFU about the $7,500 tax credit.

Gmc duramax diesel parts

A majority of Americans don’t pay that much in federal income taxes, so this is basically a non-issue. Most Americans can wait until 2019 and still get the maximum tax credit they will be entitled to especially since the EV tax credit doesn’t carry over from year to year.

And before anyone says anything about leasing, the argument above is talking about the tax credit not being offered on a used Model S. As for maintenance outside of warranty, there are far fewer parts to fail/break in EV cars compared to ICE cars. There are only a few components (battery pack and drive unit) that are substantially expensive, but they have longer warranties on those parts. Additionally, the new vehicle limited warranty and the extended service agreement can transfer to the new owner. The warranty will only become an issue after the car is 8 years old and that won’t happen on any Tesla car until 2020 at the earliest.

2018 gmc duramax diesel problems

By then I’m sure there will be some sort of warranty/insurance policy either offered by Tesla or a 3rd party that will help defray the costs of the most expensive parts. From what I’ve heard, repairing a faulty door handle on a used Model S is rather expensive joke to say battery and drive are the only expensive parts.

I’m a HUGE Tesla fan and would love a Model S, but it’s an expensive, relatively uncommon car so I’m extremely leery of scraping up the dough for a used one, given the probability of expensive repairs that I can’t do myself. Nah, it’s still a moderately wealthy person’s car at this point. But, it is still the only option with both significant highway range and an established nation-wide fast-charge network.

2018 Gmc Duramax Diesel Supplement Manual

No competition yet. Bolt could be argued, but IMO the charging network is too thin to qualify. GM isn’t going to build many more Bolt EVs per year, because their profit margin on the car is so small. Profits they have to split with LG Electronics & LG Chem, which builds the entire EV powertrain for the car.

I’m glad that GM is producing a decent “city car” BEV, but clearly they aren’t yet serious about building and selling compelling plug-in EVs in large numbers. We’ll know they’re getting serious when they start building or buying high-capacity battery cell factories whose production GM controls, rather than continuing to be dependent on LG’s production rate. I paid under $16,000 for my horribly limited 40kWh Leaf that can only take me to work and back and drive all around town starting at 50% or less SOC. I was so worried about the car exploding in the 110 degree heat on the highway yesterday, but somehow the battery temp gauge stayed well under the red zone. What a miracle! And I don’t understand why I decided on the Leaf vs. Paying $24,000+ more so I can have a car that can get me to LA in the two times a year I have to drive there.

Guess I’ll have to walk the 200 miles or something. Considering BoltEV was going for $22.5K last month after $7.5K fed + $2.5K CA, you paid $7K less if you only had $10K in subsidy. But Bolt offers 90 miles extra range and 1.5 sec quicker 0-60 time.

Tesla 3 LR is 90 miles extra and 0.5 sec quicker compared to SR, yet that option is $9K. And Bolt comes with TMS that you don’t worry about hot weather degradation or DCFC slowing. Bolt is a bargain compared to Leaf. If Bolt had $15.5K subsidies available, it would’ve been $16.5K.

So your Leaf is missing all the above features (90 extra miles, quicker, no worries on temperature) only for $500 less. Seems to me you got a pretty rotten deal. There are 3 Bolts listed in inventory in my town, two $43510 MSRP, one $38,545. Getting a car out-of-town is a non-starter, I want the dealer to be there for me with capable tech staff for any issues.

I could have waited for the 60kWh Leaf — and I was actually waiting for the Kona and Niro EVs until it became clear that supply in CA will be tight — but I decided an extra 20kWh wasn’t worth even $1000 – $2000 to me. Like I said, in the very rare instances I need to drive more than 150 miles in a day, I’ll just put the miles on an Enterprise rental. Like Ziv said, 2018 is Tesla’s to own.

2019 will see introduction of decent 200+ mile vehicles with the Leaf, Niro, and Kona. 2020 is where all the other manufacturers entry to make it really interesting and particularly challenging for Tesla who will be without the Federal incentive and erases the cost advantage gained from the Gigafactory and simplified materials design of the Model 3. If the Fed eliminates (or reups for Tesla), it’ll be an interesting fight, but Tesla will have troubles come 2020 because of that–until then, Tesla is going to have their cake.

Tesla has SOME amount of tax incentives each month for all of 2019 as it sunsets. If anything, each quarter where there is a drop in incentive in the next quarter there will be a massive boost in Tesla sales as people try to get in under the wire. The threat of LOSING incentive will boost sales. (This is the well known sales power of the “limited offer” and it works.) Meanwhile if the number 2, 3, and 4 EV car makers in the US actually hit sales numbers in the 5k/week range to compete with Tesla in 2019, they too will quickly enter incentive sunset.

2020 will see the top companies all somewhere in the process of sunsetting, leveling the incentive playing field yet again. Either that or the incentive will have been killed or reformed. I can’t see the massive lobbying power of the major car makers allowing a bunch of smaller also-ran car makers to keep getting incentives while theirs are all sunsetting. Look at the states where the major car makers have factories in the US (both foreign badges and US badges). Yeah the short sellers are trying to say Tesla can’t produce enough EV yet Tesla sells more EV than any manufacturer in the US has no EV sitting for months on dealer lots and the only problem they have is getting production to meet the unbelievable demand.

The same thing with there storage batteries and solar roofs. Trump threw a hand grenade into things with his tariff war rhetoric, but the damage will not only be autos, farmers with soybeans, fisherman, Caterpillar with steel and aluminum and Caterpillar gets there aluminum from Alcoa which has plants in Canada. Trump regularly creates problems that claims he rescued a problem caused by someone else.

It’s not the act of short-selling we object to; it’s the way so many Tesla (TSLA) short-sellers try to manipulate the stock price by seeking out pro-EV forums, like this one, and trolling them with anti-Tesla FUD. We would be very, very, very, very glad to never have cause to mention anti-Tesla FUDsters. It’s amazing that there is little or no anti-Tesla FUD infesting the comments on this one particular Tesla-related article here at InsideEVs, but that’s a very rare occurrence. Yes, there are short-sellers for every public company. But none of those short-selling any other company’s stock are engaged in an organized campaign to spread FUD about the company and manipulate the stock price!

Or at least, not noticeably so. Some EV-related forums have had all their value destroyed by infestations by FUDsters, who make civil discourse impossible. Some comment threads here at InsideEVs have been, also. Most of us would like to see that permanently stopped.

Edit: I spoke too soon; I see “David Green” is posting FUD here. FWIW, I do get annoyed by certain posters attributing every FUD post to short sellers, when I’m pretty sure most of the FUDsters here are just garden variety internet trolls, merely out for negative attention. When talking about FUD in the wider media though, bringing up short sellers does make sense, since it’s a fact that they are responsible for a significant part of the FUD. While it’s true that every stock has some short sellers, most of them just bet against it passively, rather than actively trying to bring the company down. What’s happening to Tesla is.not. normal.

There are actual admitted shorters who post here, who openly admit holding a short position. Then there are other folks who have their own agendas (fuel cell FUDsters, people posting based upon brand loyalty grudges, etc) who simply find it convenient to parrot the same talking points that are initiated by folks like Desperately Seeking Alpha and Montana Skeptic. Frankly I can’t be bothered caring which are which. Whether they are admitted shorters, or just parrot shorter talking points as a convenient weapon is all the same as far as the damage they cause.

You must really be unimpressed and disappointed by GM and Nissan if 15K or even 4K is your standard for a month of sales impressing you. Any problem with you not being impressed would just reflect your anti-Tesla derangement and double standard you apply only to them. To put it in perspective, 15K in one month would be double the number of total US Bolt sales so far this entire year!! If Tesla were to repeat their Model S/X US sales number last month of 5K+ in sales, along with 15K in TM3 sales, they would out-sell ALL US pure BEV sales from ALL other EV car makers FOR THE ENTIRE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2018 COMBINED!!! (source: plug-in sales scorecard) The reality is that Tesla Model 3 sales were damn impressive even at just last month’s levels. But I’ll predict right now that no matter what sales are for July as they continue ramp-up, you will find some way to complain about their sales.

I am not here discussing GM (I did buy GM stock again last week though), this conversation is about Tesla Model 3 Tesla guided 5K per week Model 3 production, ramping to 6K at the end of August. That means they should have made 23,300 Model 3’s in July.

(my guess is 15.5K produced, or around a 40% miss) Tesla also announced 11.4K Model 3 in transit to end Q1, lets assume all of those were delivered? And 4K of new builds? Thats 15K Those should have been available for delivery. Less I feel there is demand problems, especially on the RWD Data will be out soon Lets see what happens. Tesla sales in general are impressive No doubt about it, for a new EV producer. But I look at the company as an investor, the way I look at every company, in that way the story is much less impressive. Tesla has had great sums of capital for their operation, and has made mistake after mistake blowing through the cash pile.

That said I doubt they will go out of business, as there are too many supporters, and I feel the short thesis of fraud is not the case. Not here discussing EV? No, I am constantly deflecting personal attacks from you, and others. When it comes to EV promotion, I have been quite active, always trying to steer my friends to EV’s.

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Most of my comments are pretty fair about the EV’s I drive, I still have not driven Ioniq, but have driven all of the others currently on the market, including all 3 Tesla models. You ought to pay attention, and instead of attacking my personal life, try to attack my stats and figures Then we can talk EV’s Instead of insults.

This isn’t healthy. We don’t want another situation like where Toyota owned the vast majority of the plug-in hybrid market, and other hybrid’s besides the Prius were also-ran’s in sales numbers. What we want is a repeat of the Audi A4/S4 vs BMW 3-Series vs. Infinity G’s vs. Mercedes C’s, vs etc wars.

Where multiple car companies compete against each other and force each other to improve, where buyers have lots of very good options. We keep hearing about all the EV’s coming to market from other car makers. Well, jump on in, the water is warm! You’re going to want to punch out Leaf and i3 drivers as well. Free charging Leaf drivers also take full 30 min free that’s allocated to them whether the car is 88% or 99% and tapered to 3kW out of 50 kW charger.

2018 Gmc Duramax Diesel

Problem is not solely on the drivers but the companies offering free charging enabling such fiasco. At least Chevy is limiting number of Maven cars and working on dedicated DCFC for ridesharing and self driving use. But Nissan and BMW have no plans to reduce the congestion.

The more i3 and Leaf sold means worse EV experience for everyone. Especially problematic with Leaf is severe taper that makes them visit DCFC more often. “Tragedy of the Commons” is all too common. If something is perceived to be free, people will take advantage of it to the point that it is ruined for everyone. We had an EVGo fast charger near me that was constantly in use by a small number of Leafs owned by a local taxi company.

No one else was at the chargers the multiple times I drove. I have heard that the taxi drivers “encouraged” other BEV owners NOT to use it. The last part is hearsay but the fact was that I never saw a car on it that wasn’t a pink taxi in 3 or 4 months. Because it was “free”. I’m ambivalent about this. On one hand, I can see that having singular offerings effectively hogging entire segments, can be somewhat detrimental to EV adoption. On the other hand, I believe that right now a much larger problem is the lack of.any.

attractive offerings in many many segments. As long as that’s the case, I’d rather Tesla keeps having little direct competition, so they are in a better financial position to enter more segments, that don’t have any attractive offerings coming at all in the foreseeable future otherwise.

Asked by Ken Feb 21, 2017 at 02:36 PM about the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ Crew Cab 4WD Question type: General I am totally confused when doing research on what I can tow with my truck. What is the max king pin weight? I am told 18,000 total weight but when you look at calculators and subtract the weight in the truck and passengers (4), it calculates only a 9K - 12K 5th wheel max weight and our 5th wheel we bought is 13,400 dry. How do these trucks have the ability to pull 18K? Again, I don't think I'm an idiot but I just cant figure this out! What am I missing? Tallpines1 answered about a year ago Hi Ken, I appreciate your question as my husband and I are having the same problem.

We have the same truck as you except we have the 8' bed rather than the 6.5', and we are having a hard time determining what size 5th wheel toy hauler we can get. The 2016 Chevy towing guide says 12,900 but the 2015 trailering guide for our truck is 16,500. Seems strange that it would drop so much. 2016 Trailering Guide nscwebsite/en/Home/Vehicles/Commercial/02PDFs/MY15- Trailering-Guide.pdf 2015 Trailering Guide scwebsite/en/Home/Vehicles/Trucks%20and%20Vans/2016Silvera do1500/Overview/02pdf/MY16%20US%20Trailering%20Guide0 60816.pdf.

Ken answered about a year ago I am really stumped because I thought this would be the place that could answer my questions but I guess not.:( Therefore, I have done my research and here is what I found out and please chime in if I am wrong! In my Chevrolet 2016 Duramax Diesel owners manual Supplement, page 65, 'Driving and Operating' section there is a table that gives you max trailer weight, max tongue weight and Gross Combination Weight Rating or GCWR. For this truck, the GCVR is 25,100 lbs. What that means is the total weight of the truck (including occupants), trailer (in this case 5th wheel) and all cargo in both the truck and the 5th wheel. My 5th wheel is 13,425 lb and my truck is about 7,300 lbs so that leaves me with about 4000 lbs give or take of cargo and people in the truck and the 5th Wheel.

I know the 5th wheel is going to be a little hard on the suspension so I am going to install airlifts to help with towing. Tell me if I am wrong.

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