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Ok, my brother bought a 96 Seadoo SP - the people only ran it in fresh water and we know them. They said it only needs a battery and it will run flawlessly. New battery, took it out to the water, and it starts right up, but when you give it gas it JUMPS out of the water and tries to get on plane, then just falls right back and almost dies.

If you play with the throttle you can keep it from dying. ALL NEW FUEL LINES! Ok, so I suggested seafoam - we put seafoam in, and put the boat in and it ran flawlessly for about an hour, we were playing around with it, then we stopped at a dock about 30 minutes full speed away from our landing.

My brother messed with the fuel switch, which I didnt know, and when we got on 30 minutes later it did the same thing of bogging down. What we did since then. Took the carb off, shot carb cleaner through the two nozzles for fuel, it was clogged and now it flows good.

96 Seadoo Manual

For parts go to the seadoo forum 'parts warehouse' click on the link at the top of the page under 'PARTS' Do you have a seadoo shop manual? Re: Seadoo Shop Manuals & Parts Catalogs - FREE! I've been trying to get to this for a while. Here is the FULL manuals for the 96 and 97 years. It has all the mechanic manuals, the parts manuals, operator manuals, the race manual, kits and installation, and also tools list. First here is the 96 manual. Click on sea-doo manual.pdf for the main. Find a local canoe, kayak, motorboat, seadoo, or other watercraft in Toronto (GTA) on Kijiji. Also trolling motor and 2new seats, a manual and boat trailer.

96 Seadoo Shop Manual

Vent lines work as they are supposed to, air can come in, but no air can escape. New spark plugs Cleaned the heat sensor double checked all lines. New fuel switch with the ON, RES and OUT What is going on? SOLVED, thanks:-) I used the service manual to see how the 587 carb was put together, took it apart and took the filter out.


Seadoo Speedster Manual 96

I used canned air, and carb cleaner to clean the filter. I sprayed the carb cleaner inside first, and what came out looked like a bird just squirted. Then, sprayed from outside in, and then took the compressed air and sprayed from outside in. It was so black, you couldnt even tell it was a filter, and afterword you could see like through it and all:-) Took the seadoo out, and it performed beautifully:-).

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