Clausing 2274 Manual

  1. Clausing Model 2274 Manual

I recently purchased a 2274 Clausing drill press at an auction. I bought 3 pallets of parts to get a Cincinati mill swivel head. Turns out there was a decent drill press in the lot too. Clausing 2274 Floor Drill Press b Clausing 2274 Floor Drill Press c Clausing 2274 Floor Drill Press d Clausing 2274 Floor Drill Press e Clausing 2274 Floor Drill.


Clausing Model 2274 Manual

Products 20' Variable Speed Untitled Document Standard Features. 150 to 2000 rpm.

Speeds to drill large holes, small holes to spot face, counterbore and ream. A flip of the switch changes from low range to high range, perfect for production applications with quick change tooling. Greater capacity, too, with Clausing LOW/HIGH, production rated 1-1/8' in cast iron, 7/8' in steel with optional power feed. Heavy-duty precision head.

All bearing surfaces are precision bored simultaneously for exact alignment. Eight ball bearings support the drive and spindle, lower spindle bearing has a double row to absorb both radial and thrust loads. 3 MT spindle.

With 6-1/2' travel, 2-1/2' diameter quill and micrometer depth stop. 4' column with 1/2' thick wall for great rigidity, accuracy. Precision ground 22' x 19' oil trough table, handles large parts and fixtures. Three V-belts and a cog belt transmit positive power to the spindle. Variable and spindle pulleys are cast iron, fully machined and balanced. (pdf) Untitled Document Clausing Variable Speed 20' Drill Presses Specifications Capacity, hand feed.

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