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99 Grand Am Gt

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Asked by Joshua Feb 18, 2014 at 04:54 PM about the 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE Question type: Maintenance & Repair Pontiac Grand Am SE - v6 Engine - Automatic Transmission I am experiencing SERIOUS issues with my acceleration. When I try to accelerate from an idle position, my engine refuses to pick up speed. If I press down on the accelerator, the engine will rev and my RPM will kick up to 3,000-3,500.

To pick up speed, I must press on the accelerator as LIGHTLY as possible. This is a very slow and tedious process (especially for the drivers behind my vehicle). If I press too hard, the engine will again just rev and kick up the RPM. The vehicle tops out at around 55-60 MPH.


If I try to press any harder on the accelerator at this point, the RPM once again kicks up 3,000-3,500. In addition, when I do this, the vehicle will lose speed and drop to around 50 MPH.

To obtain a constant speed of around 55 MPH, the vehicle is running a constant 2,500 RPM. Not sure what the issue is. 2001 yamaha breeze 125 repair manual. I am definitely not a 'car guy.' I took it to a transmission shop where they hooked the vehicle up to a computer.

They informed me that the transmission was fine. They stated that the problem may lie with the fuel injector.yah-ta,yah-ta,yah-ta. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Norm answered 4 years ago Your transmission is probably okay. Sounds like the ECU has put you into 'limp' mode. Did you get a check engine light at any time in the recent past?

In 'limp' mode the car will refuse to accelerate, will top out at about 50 mph and will not go past 3rd gear, leaving you at a high RPM. This is to protect the engine against mechanical damage. Check the OBD for trouble codes. If you don't have a reader, get the car to Pep Boys or AutoZone.


Believe it or not, a bad injector CAN put the car in limp mode if emissions go off the chart. Marijeanne answered 3 years ago I have a 2001 grand am se. An it is doing the same thing as urs but not going over 40 mph.

99 Grand Am Gt Tire Size

I had it on a computer an it says multiple misfire. I changed the plugs an it's still running the same except it starts up better now. It's burning a lot of gas I just have no idea what it could b. It's not my catalytic converter becuz there's pressure coming out of the tail pipe.

I put injector cleaner in a rand full of premium gas an still no change. So I am at a stand still on what it may be:-( can anyone help?

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