John Deere C1200 String Trimmer Manual

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Storing and Transporting String Trimmer Storing String Trimmer. Mariner 135 hp outboard manual 2001. Thank You for Purchasing a John Deere Product. Using Your Operator's Manual. Need to fix your UT15198 (BC1600) Trimmer? We have parts. I have a Homelite/John Deere trimmer model. I have the blower and string trimmer and both options do.

John Deere C1200 String Trimmer

John Deere C1200 String Trimmer Manual

I have a John Deere C1200 UT20809 Line Trimmer that starts and idles just fine, but when I try to rev it up to cut weeds it just bogs down like it’s under a heavy load. I emptied and replaced the fuel with a fresh mixture. I replaced the spark plug and air filter and still the same problem. A guy I work with said that it could be a blown gasket? So I sprayed carb cleaner around the base of the cylinder and it did seem to affect the engine rpm. I haven’t tinkered with any of the carb adjustments or anything else.

The trimmer is only 2 years old. I’d really like to fix this myself rather than take it to a repair shop. Any help or suggestions? Rick, Not a blown head gasket, if it was a blown cylinder base gasket, as this engine does not have a removeable head, it would run really fast from air leaking, and leaning out mixture. You have a muffler plugged, from using cheap oil, having bad gas, not keeping engine RPM at full speed when using, or having the line cutter off of it and loading the engine bad all the time. Or you need to open the high speed jet up.

String Trimmer Heads

If there is not high speed jet, then it needs the metering lever adjusted or carb cleaned.

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