Npti Steam Turbine Manual

  1. Dresser Rand Steam Turbine Manual

Siemens Steam Turbines from 90 MW up to 1,900 MW Steam Turbines. We recommend three of our steam turbine config-urations for use in steam power plant applications.

Power plant familiarization (vol.i). Power plant familiarization (vol.ii). Power plant familiarization (vol. Power plant familiarization (vol.iv). Power plant operation.

Thermal power plant metallurgy. Control& instrumentation (vol.i).

Control & instrumentation (vol.ii). Control& instrumentation (vol.iii). Fan & heater.

Fan& heater ( Hindi). Compressor & compressed air. Motor maintenance. Battery maintenance. Battery maintenance (Hindi). Hydro power plant familiarization. Ash handling system.

Valve maintenance. Fuel handling system operation. Fuel handling operation (Hindi). Schematic diagram (210 mw thermal). Pump maintenance.

Environmental management in thermal power. Thermal power plant performance and efficiency. Thermal power plant chemistry. Gas turbine and combined cycle power plant. Hydro power 2000; an Indian perspective. Pump anurakshan(Hindi). Computer ka aadharbhoot gyan (Hindi).

500 mw fossil fuel power plant simulator 32. Atmospheric FBC boilers. Boiler feed pump 34. Circulating FBC technology. Data acquisition system & digital control.

Electrical protection system. Energy audit and DSM in power utilities. KWU steam turbine governing and protection. Load management in power sector. Power station pump. Static excitation system.

210 mw simulator training. Power station safety. Safety in power station (Hindi). National training policy for the power sector. Rashtriya parishan neeti(Hindi). Relay maintenance.

Maintenance planning & cost control. 210 mw thermal schematic diagrams, 51. Control valves selection and sizing. HP-LP bypass system. Pulverisers and feeders. Pulverized fuel fired boilers.


Power systems management vol.1. Power system management vol.2. 210 mw turbo generator operation & stability. Programmable logic controls.

Dresser Rand Steam Turbine Manual

Non conventional power plant. Maintenance of power transformers. Steam turbine for power generation.

O&M of EHV sub-station vol.1. O&M of EHV sub-station vol.2. Power system studies and load dispatch.

65 Emerging trends in power distribution. Energizing your power utility. Sitting problems in hydro power plants. Updating and refurbishment of hydro plants. Journal on ERC orders-2nd edition. Condition monitoring of power transformers. Environment pollution &pollution control.

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