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I have found a manual for my Truck 1985 FLC with the grease locations, and now my question is this: How often do I do this grease job on my Truck? I drive on avg 1,200 miles per week. I change the oil at 12,000 due to the fact I drive off road and on dirt roads quite often. This is not a typical OTR Job, as I haul logs, and the longest one way I go is 120 miles. Would I need to do the normal oil change and grease then? I grease the brakes every month, but am unsure about the rest of the Truck.

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Products Lubes/Fluids Trucks GREASE IT YOURSELF. Posted: August 1. There are dozens of grease fittings on a truck, which all need their share of attention.

Is there a manual out there that tells you when to do certain things on your Truck? I am looking for Advice and suggestions on how to maintain an older Truck and keep it in the best work order possible. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Any advice on how to get a fitting to take grease? I have already replaced the fitting and still cannot get it to take grease? I have 2 on my Truck and 4 on my Trailer that I cannot get to take grease.

That's usually a sign that at some point in the truck's past it was not greased often enough. I've run into this a time or 2 when I bought a used truck that was neglected by it's previous owner. What happens is that stale grease combines with dirt that has worked it's way into the parts, and the resulting mixture hardens in the grease passage, making it impossible for the new grease to get through.

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Is it the pins on the ends of the springs that are doing this? That's where I've usually seen it happen. You can try to warm up the pin with a torch to try and liquify the hardened material that's jammed in there, and then quickly put the grease gun on there & try to force some grease in while it's warm. Don't overdo it with the heat!

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If warming it up doesn't work, then the pin will have to come out, and the grease passage will have to be cleaned out. Unless you are experienced with disassembling & reassembling this kind of stuff, I would recommend taking it to a mechanic if it has to come apart in order to get it to take grease.

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