Sunny Scooter Manual


Download Chapter 7: Mechanic Certification Requirements Page 4 7-2.2 Heavy-duty Truck Certification Categories. The Heavy-duty Truck Repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles over 10,000 pounds G.V.W. Are: a) Engine Repair, Gasoline; b) Engine Repair, Diesel; c) Drive Trains; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Suspension and Steering Systems; f) Electrical Systems; g) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair.

  1. Sunny 50cc Scooter Manual

★read this manual together with tips for the go kart rider carefully and completely before operating your go kart. Makesure you understand all instructions. We are showing you how to assemble the trike scooter, MC_D150TKA, step by step, but we do have professional mechanic to assemble it for you before shopping out for only $150 which can save you lots.

Sunny 50cc Scooter Manual

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7-2.3 Other On-road Vehicle Certification Categories. Repair categories for other on-road vehicles that require mechanic certification to perform repairs are: a) Motorcycle; b) Recreational Trailer. Automobile and Light Truck Certification Categories. The repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (G.V.W.) are: a) Engine Repair; b) Engine Tune-up/Performance; c) Front End, Suspension and Steering Systems; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Automatic Transmission; f) Manual Transmission, Front and Rear Drive Axles; g) Electrical Systems; h) Heating and Air Conditioning; i) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair; j) Unitized Body Structural Repair; k) Pre-1973 Vehicle Repair Incoming search terms:.

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