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Topics: Intranets. 10 Summary: SharePoint requires install plus in-depth UX design and development. Forge strong relationship with SharePoint UX designers and developers for successful intranets.

And take advice from winning teams who have made SharePoint an effective enterprise tool. SharePoint Is Here, It’s Clear, Get Used to It Microsoft SharePoint is a platform for creating intranets. It includes many helpful features such as: search, CMS, news, employee directory, personalization, team collaboration spaces, blogs, wikis, and news. Some Microsoft SharePoint intranets are nothing short of marvelous — rich with features that support the business and engage employees, anchored by predictable navigation, supported by a smart search, and with page layouts that make employees want to scan all the content. But it was not always this way. In 2001 when we conducted our first and wrote our, SharePoint suffered new-to-the-world product challenges: it required explaining to the “” market (IT experts, HR teams, corporate communications departments, procurement, and not least of all, CTO’s) what a global intranet was and why it was important. Once that hurdle was cleared, the product suffered the usual new enterprise-software issues.

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SharePoint had competition such as Plumtree, Epicentric, and Oracle. Plumtree and Epicentric are out of business.


The other two (SharePoint and Oracle) survived, buoyed by the giant, warm bankrolls of their respective large companies. Although SharePoint lived, it seemed to be mother Microsoft’s neglected baby for a long time.

Customers were, well, lost back then. Many intranets based on the fledgling SharePoint were designed by well-meaning IT folks who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. (I am using the word “designed” very generously, as they were usually installed and set up just enough to barely function, then set off to fend for themselves.) But times have changed. Love it or not, SharePoint has forged a strong foothold on the intranet market, and is unlikely to walk or slip out of it any time soon.

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Evidence includes:. Strong market adoption: The Radicati Group’s 2015 '” report asserts that “Microsoft SharePoint continues to see strong market adoption across all verticals, and is projected to grow at an annual average growth rate of 20% over the next four years.”.


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Our first Intranet Design Annual winner using SharePoint, METRO Group, didn’t show up until, and was the only SharePoint. Conversely, 9 out of 10 use SharePoint. Large development community: There are nearly 10K members of the at the time of this article’s writing. Design agencies: A myriad of design agencies specifically advertise expertise in SharePoint UX design and development. One directory, alone lists more than 5K of them.

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Companion-product market: Companies invest in and release third-party solutions (such as ) that sit on top of SharePoint (and sometimes Office 365 too) and provide a head start to an intranet design. Great SharePoint Design use SharePoint’s out-of-box offerings as an edge, not an end, and stretch and massage the technology to fit their organization’s mold. For example, NAV CANADA, produced one of the SharePoint-based winning intranets showcased in our.

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