Zf S5 42 Rebuild Kit Manual


Hey I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has done a rebuild on a ZF 5 speed manual transmission. I know I've got a ZF 5 speed but I'm not sure if it is the ZF S5-42 or the ZF S5-47.

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  1. Zf S5 42 Rebuild

Transmission Ford model S542 5and S547 5 speed ZF (integral bell housing) unit is shown in the following illustrations. Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits.

  • Be sure to order the kit for your revision of ZF5 (either S5-42 or S5-47). To rebuild the unit, lay out all your old and new parts. First, clamp the main shaft in a soft jaw vice with the output end facing up.
  • Order Ford F150 Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit online today. Part Number: BK300ZF; Application: With ZF S5-42 transmission; Notes: Without synchros.

Just haven't taken the chance to check the tag on the outside of my transmission. I having been trying to find information on rebuilding this transmission and specifically was wondering if anybody had a rebuild manual for the ZF 5 speed manual transmission. I've been able to find a blow up of the parts for these transmissions but I was hoping to find something a little more in depth referring specifically to the rebuild of the ZF 5 speed. Also I have the 'How to rebuild and modify your manual transmission' book which is handy but doesn't help me with specifics of the ZF 5 speed. If anyone can help me out with finding out more information regarding a rebuild manual for the ZF 5 speed manual transmission it would be extremely helpful. Also some vehicle information: 1990 F250 7.3L IDI 4x4 and I'm fairly certain this is the original transmission.

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1992 F350 7.3 Liter IDI Four door long bed 4x4 5 Speed Manual ZF. Future: ATS Turbo, John Deere green paint job, gear vendor overdrive kit, Herculiner for the bed, and WVO fuel kit.

Also To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. 1990 F250 7.3 Liter IDI two door supercab with 5 Speed Manual ZF planning to sell after I pull my cd player, CB radio, and slider back glass out.

To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. 02 Ford Excursion 7.3L, 4x4, black/black trim, 4' lift, 35' duelers on (black w/chrome accents), 17's, 170K miles, Monster trans. W/John Woods accumulator, '07 Harley front end, Ranchhand bumper and Superwinch, 25' CREE LED 15,000 lumen lightbar, '08 heated mirrors, 2.5' cowl hood, Riff raff intake mod, 203 degree t-stat, Mishimoto radiator, Superchips programmer, F-350 crewcab nerf bars, Limited 2 tone leather interior, 16.5 roof mount television and Pioneer DVD touch screen head unit with 1200w amp feeding the mids and highs, and 1600w going to the 2 Rockford Fosgate 12' P3's. Viair 480C compressor and Nathan P3 train horns. Wrecked-gone but not forgotten 01 F-350 CC DRW 4x4, bright red, 7.3. Ok danggit.;) This old thread pops up every time when searching for information about rebuilding a ZF yourself and all it is, is a bunch of nay sayin' crap.:/ So I registered today when I got the ZF, I overhauled myself, installed.


Zf S5 42 Rebuild

I am the dumbest guy on this website forum and I managed to take a '90 ZF S5-42 out of an F250, apart and installed new synchro rings. No big deal.:) You can too if you want to or need to bad enough, that's all it took for me. I called around and learned there was one guy in Tucson every body was referring to as 'the ZF guy in Tucson:)'. Asked 'im about all the special tools needed and he said he didn't use 'em 'who can afford all that stuff?' To take it apart. 'just slam it down on concrete:)' I don't have any concrete but I do have a big hunk of iron I bought from the scrap yard.

I made my own holder out of a VW wheel. No women around here to tell me I can't rebuild my ZF transmission in the living room neither. You can't be an 'Ace Hammer Mechanic' if you don't have an 8 pound single jack. Slamming it apart will mess up one of the special snap rings. LOL:) So, buy a 2+1/4' snap ring, ahead of time, and modify it to fit by grinding the ears down.

I heated 4th gear's inner race with a couple propane torches because I didn't want to get it part-way and find out it was too-much to hammer down.:/ It clinked when I dropped it on.:) Finished. Not that big of a deal, ok?:) Alvin in AZ ps- I used a '91 Ford Light Truck Shop Manual. Pps- The 4x10 block of wood has a 15/16' hole drilled into it. Alvin, you're my idol.:)Cool, thanks. LOL:) You need to know that you're idolizing a 'stupid ugly old Gringo' tho.:/ - Lately it's really sinking in that rebuilding a manual transmission is pert-near fool proof and easy when compared to an engine or axle. But getting parts for the ZF is not as straight forward as it could be.

'you can do it, if you want to' Don't let the Ford service manual spook ya.;) BTW, there's a mistake in the manual. Assembly step #13 has the wrong picture, kinda threw me for about a half hour. LOL:) Glad I took some pictures first.;) Also, there's 3 'sliding sleeves' that are moved by the shifting forks. Two of mine were marked 'Front' one 'Rear' and each with an arrow. That's real cool and all, but one of the one's marked 'Front' had the arrow pointing toward the -rear.:) Didn't check to be sure if it even mattered which way it was put in.:/ Meant to.

So look it over real good and be sure of what you've got in yours. Alvin, Unbelievable! Haven't laughed so hard when researching IDI stuff.

Especially like the fair warning on what i might break, just in case, so i can have the parts on hand! Have a great day you just made mine.Cool glad to hear it.:) Here's a 'secret' directory I copied the most needed ZF pages of the '91 Ford Shop Manual into.big files so they'll make clean copies. I took notes in the book (as I always do) and some of them are kinda dumb sounding but they weren't meant for the world to read when I wrote 'em.;) Alvin in AZ.

You are logged in as a guest. ( ) Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Jump to page: Now viewing page 1 50 messages per page:: - Message format Posted 1/3/2014 18:06 (#3570872) Subject: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? I have a 95 ford diesel with the zf 5, it of course pops out of reverse, I think I have the time and maybe the ability to rebuild it, I was just wondering if I put all the synchros and what not from a rebuild kit, will that cure the reverse popping out problem?

If there is no evident damage to any gears that is. Any other suggestions? I might buy a rebuild manual also, anywhere good to get them? Posted 1/3/2014 18:10 (#3570881 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Dearfield Co. I thought this transmission was like others that needed special tools to rebuild.I would ask at a ford dealer to look at the special tool kit if they still have it before I spent to much money.then decide Posted 1/3/2014 19:11 (#3571081 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission?

Northern Illinois We had a Super Duty with that trans. First problem we had is getting the parking brake assy. Off the rear of the trans. Posted 1/3/2014 19:19 (#3571115 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? NC KS I think I was told that you need a special jig for that one as the case goes on over the gear assembly. You need the tool to hold everything in place as case goes over gear assembly. Can't answer the syncro question.


Mine was toast from grease worms. Posted 1/3/2014 19:27 (#3571142 - in reply to #3571115) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? I am sure there are a bunch of special tools.

Anyone know what else I might need to keep it from popping out of reverse? Posted 1/3/2014 19:31 (#3571156 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Mine has the synchros for 2 and 5 going.

I drained the trans and refilled with the specified synthetic plus a quart of the Lucas stuff. A year later (service truck with a few thousand miles a year ) it does shift better. Posted 1/3/2014 21:43 (#3571644 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Northern CA The park brake on the transmission is because it is in a super duty; which was the original F450. The pickup models had the parking brake on the rear wheels. You do need a special jig to hold the gear assembly upside down. I don't know if it could be done without it.

I would search youtube, and I bet you find a demo. Posted 1/3/2014 22:25 (#3571787 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Had this all backwards, tailshaft is down through center of a rim Faunsdale, AL Anyway, you can unbolt and lift the whole case off the gears and shafts.AFTER you unbolt one end of the reverse idler shaft which bridges the joint in the case. As I remember it is about a 13mm bolt through the side of the case. It won't come apart until you get that out. Then it comes apart pretty easily.

Maybe we had to take something loose on the shift forks?????? Can't remember.but when you lift the case off, the shafts and gears will sit there vertical waiting for you to put the case back over them. Anyway, I was expecting to find all kind of stuff wrong in there, but it didn't look like much. Probably should have just gotten new everything to do with the reverse, shoft fork, shift collar etc, but we ended up putting in a used transmission we had sitting around and junking the one that was popping out of reverse. OK.had this all backwards, the tailshaft was down and lift the bell housing/front casting off of it. If you look at the picture, you can see the two bolts that anchor the reverse idler shaft.

Looks like hex socket head or torx? Edited by ccjersey 1/4/2014 09:45 Posted 1/3/2014 22:37 (#3571813 - in reply to #3571787) Subject: Trans, update. SW MN I was researching this my self a few years ago, and I believe there is an updated reverse gear or sync's for that trans.

Do some more checking on truck sites, or check with ford dealer. Even ebay may have some info from rebuilders. Posted 1/3/2014 23:46 (#3571912 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: RE: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Inwood, WV Details are getting sketchy, but I put reverse synchros in my 91 F250 with the ZF S5-42 5 speed trans, many, many years ago. Probably late nineties. Bought this truck used, and quickly found out we had a problem with reverse, Sometimes it would not go in reverse, sometimes it would jump out. On mine it was the reverse synchro-plum wore out.

Anyways, I decided to tear it apart myself, and I got along ok. I used Chilton's Ford Full Size Trucks 1987-93 repair manual, it has a pretty good tear-down sequence. I do recall the manual referencing a special jig to hold everything in place upon reassembly, I didn't have that, but I did put the trans on its end as others have stated and used a ratchet strap to hold the shafts in place. It worked well. Cant speak for sure, but I suspect your 95 trans is near the same as the 91 version.

Good luck, Dustin Posted 1/4/2014 00:11 (#3571947 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: RE: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot I sure wouldn't rebuild it if all it is doing is popping out of reverse. ZF-5's are also usually noisy, so don't let that bother you either. Some people say synthetic is the way to go, others say straight 30w. I used straight 30w, quieted down some and seemed to shift better. Check the clutch as well, firewall cracks and doesn't allow the clutch to release all the way, can cause all sorts of issues you wouldn't ordinarily attribute to a clutch.

Zf S5 42 Rebuild Kit Manual

Usually the best fix for the reverse popping out though, is to go to 5th, then into reverse. Worked for mine that had 2xx,xxx miles on it. It wouldn't stay in reverse either. Going to 5th (sometimes 2nd works as well ) and then to reverse 'fixed' it for me, got another 100,000 miles out of it, and it was still running last I saw it, trans never was opened up. Posted 1/4/2014 00:31 (#3571964 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: RE: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Mid Michigan I had one in an 88 F-350 4x4. That thing was a noisey tranny for the entire time I owned it.

Would really make a rattle when you lugged it around a corner without downshifting it. I fixed mine by selling it. The guys that bought it are quite happy with the truck. I remember looking at them on ebay. You can buy a rebuilt trans with a 1 year warranty for $1250 dollars. I'm sure they would also sell the parts and the manual at any transmission shop if you wanted to do it yourself.

(Zf 5spd.jpg) Attachments - (45KB - 412 downloads) Posted 1/4/2014 09:17 (#3572434 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission? Almond Wisconsin Did one on our 97 F350 without any special tools. Dustin gave you great advise. It's not to bad. Posted 1/5/2014 13:16 (#3575757 - in reply to #3570872) Subject: Re: Rebuilding ford zf 5 transmission?

Athens, Illinois All you need is a good pair of snap ring pliers. I would replace the reverse gear set. They wear to a taper and it just forces itself apart when you put a load on it.

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