Height Gage Manual

Height Gage Manual
  1. Spi Height Gage Manual
  2. Mitutoyo Height Gage 570-114 Manual

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Trying to use a conventional tape measure to figure out the dimensions of equipment can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Instead of struggling to use an unsuitable and potentially inaccurate method to take measurements, consider using a height gage. A height gage is specifically designed to take accurate measurements of equipment and items of various types. Whether you work in the inspection industry or regularly complete measurement tasks, a height gage can be a helpful tool. This device comes in many styles including manual and electronic models. If you are interested in using a classic model of the measurement item, consider using a dial height gage. An array of brands, including Mitutoyo and Kurt Precision, offer dial-based tools.

If you are seeking a device that is straightforward to operate, a digital height gage may be ideal. These devices boast a digital display making it simple to comprehend and make note of measurements. On eBay, you can search a huge selection of conveniently shipped new and used height gages.

Spi Height Gage Manual

Mitutoyo height gage manual

Mitutoyo Height Gage 570-114 Manual

Features. Built in ABSOLUTE linear encoderThis encoder eliminates the necessity of setting the reference point at every power-on. It has improved reliability because no over-speed error will occur. Rigid column structure ensures high measuring accuracy. With large smooth slider feed wheel. Carbide-tipped scriber is provided. With SPC data output.

Technical Data Resolution: 0.01mm or.0005'/0.01mm Display: LCD, 6-digit Length standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder Max. Response speed: Un limited Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882 Battery life: Approx.

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