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This Amarok Workshop Manual is a complete Windows and Apple Mac based Service Repair Information System.It uses comprehensive diagrams, in depth. Find workshop manual vw ads in our Cars & Vehicles category from Perth Region. 2011 Volkswagen Amarok 2H TDI400 4Mot Trendline Candy White 6 Speed.

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What is Audi Cover Cost Free Motoring Plan? The Audi Cover Motoring Plan is exclusive to the original Audi owner. For the first 3 years (unlimited kilometres) scheduled services and replacement parts as detailed in the vehicle service schedule are supplied free of charge. What does the owner pay for? The Audi owner pays nothing for the services provided by Audi Cover Motoring Plan. The owner is responsible for all expenses that do not fall within the scope of Audi Cover Motoring Plan, for example petrol, road user charges, tyres, vehicle licensing and insurance.

Read more here: Volkswagen Amarok 2017 2018 factory service manual Manufacturer’s workshop manual for Volkswagen Amarok 2017 or 2018.

Workshop Manual Free

Audi Cover Motoring Plan compliance and owner’s responsibilities Owners must maintain their Audi in accordance with the vehicle service schedule as supplied with their Audi Owner’s Manual. All scheduled maintenance work must be performed by an authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre. Failure to perform any one service will automatically deem Audi Cover Motoring Plan to be revoked. What to do if you should require service assistance? Authorised Audi Dealers or and approved Audi Service Centres are strategically situated throughout New Zealand so that you will never be far from help. To locate the nearest authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre, simply refer to the Audi Dealer Network list in the Vehicle Owner’s Handbook wallet, on or by phoning the Audi Cover Assistance toll free number. Upon arrival at the respective Authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre, your Audi will be repaired free of charge provided the service schedule is made available for inspection and the vehicle is within the 3 year period.

It is not necessary to delay any repairs until the next scheduled service. Maintenance Audi motor vehicles are amongst the most technically advanced cars in the world and as such are incredibly complex. The level to technology and exacting engineering detail in an Audi requires the services of a specialist.

Your Audi authorised centre. That’s why every new Audi is supplied with the Audi Cover Motoring Plan and Audi Cover Assistance, completely free of charge. The Audi Cover package is a comprehensive motoring plan that covers scheduled servicing, warranty and 24 hour roadside assistance from the moment your new Audi is delivered for a period of 3 years, with unlimited kilometres.

In short – total peace of mind. No matter what happens, you and your Audi will be within our care. With our compliments.For the first three years from delivery, uninhibited by the kilometres travelled, all scheduled maintenance and genuine replacement parts for that service are paid for by Audi Cover. All you pay for are petrol, tyres, non-scheduled services and government regulatory charges. An Audi Cover card will be mailed to you which allows access to all the Audi Cover Assistance services. Audi Cover Assistance is obviously worth a substantial amount of money when service costs for a modern, sophisticated vehicle over three years is taken into consideration. Assistance Your Audi Cover Assistance card has a toll free 0800 number, which provides help anywhere in the country, any time of the day or night.

If your Audi is immobilised for any reason, even through no fault of the car such as lost keys, ran out of fuel or a puncture, Audi Cover Assistance will quickly provide help. Full details of the terms and conditions. of Audi Cover Assistance are available in the Audi Cover Assistance manual provided with each vehicle.Term and Conditions: Audi Cover Cost-Free Motoring Plan and Audi Cover Assistance Plan are non-transferable. Warranties Naturally, with Audi’s quality reputation, every Audi has a comprehensive warranty package associated with the vehicle to complement Audi Cover Assistance. Audi’s reputation of quality is enhanced by the fact that every Audi has a fully treated steel or aluminium body and six stage paint process which enables an unsurpassed warranty package of:.

12 year body perforation corrosion warranty. 3 year paint defect warranty.

BMW vehicles sold new in New Zealand from 01 January 2014 are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 5 years or 100,000 kilometres, whichever milestone is reached first. The warranty will commence on the date of delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser or the date that the vehicle is registered in the name of the purchaser (whichever is earlier).


The warranty period for the bodywork is twelve years, and for the paintwork is three years. The BMW New Vehicle Warranty is able to be transferred to subsequent owners.

The vehicle will be covered under the terms of the warranty for the balance of the existing warranty term. Terms and conditions apply. Please consult a member of the BMW Authorised Dealer Network for more information or materials relating to BMW warranty. The warranty periods start the day the vehicle is delivered to the owner. They include:.

Three-year warranty on all new vehicles. Two-year warranty on genuine Porsche spare and replacement parts and accessories which are used or sold outside of warranty work.

For Porsche parts which are used during warranty work, the warranty period ends at the same time as that of the vehicle that has become defective. Three-year paint warranty. 12-year anti-corrosion warranty Under certain conditions, an additional one-year warranty can be purchased on Porsche Approved Pre-owned vehicles.

The warranty will be honoured by any global Porsche Centre. Volkswagen is focused on ensuring that you are happy with your purchase and on reducing the worry of owning your new vehicle. That’s why when you buy a new Volkswagen from an authorised Volkswagen dealership in New Zealand, we’ll provide warranty cover to protect you against the repair costs of manufacturing and material defects within the specified warranty period. To benefit from these warranties it is essential that your vehicle is serviced, maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. These aspects are all included in the purchase of your new Volkswagen; Vehicle Warranty Protects you against manufacturing and material defects and vehicle paint manufacturing and material defects. New passenger cars – 3 year unlimited km mechanical warranty. New commercial vehicles – Crafter comes with a 3 year or up to 250,000km mechanical warranty.

All other commercial vehicles come with a 3 year or up to 100,000km manufacturing and material defects warranty. Anti-through corrosion warranty Protects you from the natural elements with a fully galvanised body that includes;. New passenger cars – a 12 year anti-through corrosion warranty against through rusting of body panels. New Amaroks – a 6 year anti- anti-through corrosion warranty against through rusting of body panels. All other new commercial vehicles come with a 12 year anti- anti-through corrosion warranty against rusting of body panels. DSG Gearbox Warranty This DSG Gearbox warranty (“the DSG Warranty”) provides 5 year/150,000km (whichever comes first) coverage from the Warranty Commencementdate. for DSG defects.

within the original DSG Gearbox of Qualifying Vehicles. Subject to the terms of this warranty, Volkswagen New Zealand (European Motor Distributors Limited) will, through an authorised Volkswagen Dealer, rectify by repair or replacement, any DSG defects in any Qualifying Vehicle, that have occurred during the relevant warranty period. Damage to electrical/mechanical components associated with the DSG Gearbox will also be covered by the DSG Warranty when the damage is solely and directly caused by DSG defects.

Associated controls/systems, adjacent components, defects caused by improper care/use, or vehicle modification or tuning and failure to report defects in a timely manner are not covered by the DSG Warranty. The DSG Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions of the Volkswagen AG international warranty and the Volkswagen New Zealand warranty. Volkswagen New Zealand reserves its rights to decline coverage under the DSG warranty if the vehicle would not be eligible for warranty repairs as a result of the exclusion provisions contained within those warranties. The DSG Gearbox warranty is effective from 12 June 2013 and may be withdrawn at any time.

This warranty does not apply to DSG defects repaired prior to 12 June 2013.

Welcome to Autobooks Haynes On-line manuals now available in South Africa. Haynes publishing now produces On-line manuals, with the same in depth information as the printed manuals.

The On-line manuals come standard with colour wiring diagrams and many “how to do” videos. The On-line manual will be immediately available anywhere in South Africa.

No postage costs. The cost is R350 (including VAT) for a yearly subscription. Please contact the shop to find out if the Haynes workshop manual that you require, is available on-line. HaynesPro WorkshopData for SA.

HaynesPro is part of the Haynes Publishing Group. They are renowned worldwide for their automotive manuals. Haynes Publishing has been supplying South African market, with their printed workshop manuals since the early 1970’s. With the launch of HaynesPro, they have served the automotive market with the latest technical data for cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles. HaynesPro is committed to providing independent workshops with easily accessible data to enable them to maximise efficiency and profitability. Today, HaynesPro is Europe’s leading provider of online automotive data.

Repair Times All South African packages come standard with a “repair time” module already included in the software. Our repair times module contains detailed descriptions of all servicing and repair work, including standard labour times. For information please 'click' on the logo below, or contact the shop.

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