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MAINTENANCE REMINDER SHEET D170 with 54” Deck Home Maintenance Kit Unit Kit Number D170 LG264 (49 State) LG268 (50 State) Parts Needed in First 250 Hours of Operation. John Deere D140 Service Manual Pdf John deere 140 repair manual. Amazon Kindle Online reading and download john deere d170 manual. Feb 23, 2015 John Deere D160. John Deere offers a range of technical and operator publications and training. And purchase technical and service manuals and parts catalogs for your equipment.

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I recently purchased my first house and I had to get a riding tractor to keep up on the yard work. Based on some recomendations I had been scouring craigs list for local sales. I ended up finding a John Deere 170, circa 1989 or so, with a 14hp kawasaki engine, a 38inch cut, and a bagger. The tractor has been in a shed its whole life and well cared for. No hour meter but it runs strong, and the guy I bought if from had recent did a compression test to make sure he felt good about selling it.

There is not rust on the unit, and it is running and cutting well straight off of the trailer. Other than searching on forums like these is there any good information out there for this tractor? I want to find a repair manual, but the only one I saw online for sale was 150 dollars! I didn't see any of those ripped of manual scan CD's either. So far the tractor has been great. But I want to get the bagger off of the unit for now and have it setup for mulching. I saw that the newer 38 inch decks had mulching kits that included a block off plate and new blades.

I asked some one on ebay but they thought that JD discontinued the mulching kits for the older 38 inch decks. I really would love to be able to mulch and not used the side discharge so I don't end up with clumps of cut grass.

I was hoping to get some basic mtx information to start out. How much oil, what type, what filter. How to remove the deck so I can clean it out and also switch the blades later on. I think this tractor is going to serve me real well for a number of years!

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Blue skies, DougH. I did the brakes recently on my 180. Found it easiest to pull the right rear tire to get to them. They use the same setup as my 111 tractor does, and usually when they quit working I just dis-assemble and clean everything up, then put it back together with some antiseize on the little pistons and bolts. Then it's just a matter of adjusting the arm, tightening the bolt (or bolts, it may have a lock nut or two bolts), adjusts the brake in. Adjust until it actuates with a little pedal pressure but isn't dragging. Brake pads are inexpensive, I bought a set from the dealer for my 180 (around $7), but found mine really didn't need them.

Spicer D170 Service Manual

Replaced them anyways.


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