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Online Assessment By Government, For Government Choosing the right employees can be difficult, especially when selections must be made efficiently. That’s why OPM created USA Hire SM, an online assessment program designed specifically to meet the hiring needs of Government agencies. With USA Hire SM, you will be able to easily identify the best job candidates and improve the efficiency of your assessment process. Our team of Industrial/Organizational psychologists has worked exclusively with government clients for decades.

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As fellow government employees, we have a unique understanding of the Federal hiring process and the skills required for success in government positions. What are the benefits of using USA Hire SM?

Our Easy-to-Use Online Platform Reduced Agency Burden: Our off-the-shelf and customized solutions are scored automatically, removing much of the burden involved in administering paper-and-pencil assessments. Our scoring system efficiently screens out unqualified applicants, reducing the applicant pool to include only the most qualified job candidates. We even offer the option to let agencies upload their existing assessments to our online platform.

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User-Friendly Applicant Experience: Positive applicant reactions to the hiring process lead to a more favorable view of the organization and a higher likelihood of accepting job offers. Unproctored assessments, such as those offered by USA Hire SM, can improve the applicant experience by allowing applicants to take them anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Reactions from applicants who have used USA Hire SM have been overwhelmingly favorable, with 97% of applicants reporting the process is user-friendly and over 90% reporting satisfaction with the assessment process. What are the features of USA Hire SM?


Our Innovative Assessments Professionally Designed: USA Hire SM off-the-shelf assessments were designed using industry and professional best practices. Each of our more than 900 off-the-shelf assessment solutions was distinctively created to target specific competencies, occupations, and/or job families. We will also gladly customize an assessment for you if there are competencies specific to a position or to your agency you would like to measure. Technologically Advanced: Knowing what competencies to measure is not the only important aspect of an assessment to consider; accurate measurement of competencies is also essential.

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For this reason, USA Hire SM utilizes advanced technology to deliver innovative assessment tools. Our use of cutting-edge techniques like online simulations and avatar-based assessment items are more realistic and engaging to job applicants, leading to more refined competency measurement and higher quality candidates. Our Specialized Service One-on-One Relationships: USA Hire SM Solution Managers work with agencies individually throughout the entire selection process. These experts help agency officials determine the best solutions to meet their hiring needs. Once the assessments are implemented, Solution Managers provide ongoing support.

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Secure Proctoring Capabilities: Some agencies and positions require an in-person monitored assessment process. To accommodate this need, OPM offers agencies access to over 600 certified testing center locations. Once assessments are completed, applicant responses and scores are securely uploaded through the USA Hire SM platform for an easy proctored experience. Applicant Support: Technical support is offered via our USA Hire SM Help Desk for any applicants who experience issues when taking USA Hire SMassessments. Contact Us: For additional information regarding products and services offered by USA Hire SM, please contact a USA Hire SM Solutions Manager.


Apprenticeship and Training Series, 0243 Individual Occupational Requirements Education and Experience Requirements The following table shows the amounts of education and/or experience required to qualify for positions covered by this standard.

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