Fitness Gear Power Tower Ii Manual


Attaching the arm extension frame to the main tower assembly. Visit to view the complete assembly and save time on all of your projects.

Brand: Gold’s Gym Dimensions: 57.5 in. Shipping Weight: 99 lbs Weight capacity 350 lbs Color: white/silver, black Material: steel General Description This model we were able to directly test. All that is required of quality equipment for home workout. Non-slip handle, comfortable backrest and sturdy handles for push-UPS. Workout will be as comfortable as possible. You’ll not worry about the stability of the tower.

During the test, we moved up using the additional weight and the tower tottered. Also when he performed dips – don’t have any wobbles.

Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Assembly While unpacking all the components were fine, nothing got lost and was not damaged. Assembly took about half an hour. Included was a detailed manual that described in detail the Assembly process. General biology study guide for college. Recommend everyone to read the user manual before operation.

There are all the necessary precautions. This will allow you to use the equipment for a long time without difficulties. With Instructions can be found following the link:. Main parts of Gold’s Gym XR 10.9: One of the main advantages of this model is high-quality workmanship in all details. The manufacturer is one of the leaders in the market of fitness equipment. Few people do not know the equipment of this brand. Quality products always at a high level.

Gold’s Gym Power Tower Workout 1. PUSHUP STATION – comfortable thanks to the special handles. A great exercise for developing chest muscles, triceps and deltas. Comfortable grip will enable you to perform the exercise efficiently and to the required load. DIP STATION – develops arm muscles, strong grip, and well developed triceps. Also gives the load on the muscles of the chest and shoulders. To take starting position there is a special footrest. Exercise is traumatic.

Fitness Gear Power Rack


Therefore, it is necessary to efficiently warm up and heat up the elbows. You should not perform exercise when experiencing pain. PULL-UPS adjustable handles, a comfortable grip, different hand positioning for the development of different muscle groups. When pull-UPS you can use different width grip, as well as direct and reverse grip. This will significantly increase the loading on the back, triceps or biceps 4.


VERTICAL KNEE RAISE – exercises for the core muscles. Stable fixation of the body thanks to the comfortable pillow. Maximum comfort will allow you to complete a workout focusing on the exercise. Features of the Power Tower: It is possible to note the high quality of this model in detail. Comfortable handle, high-quality armrests, the optimal distance between the handles. Good stability also deserves attention.

Fitness Gear Power Tower Ii Manual

Many great guys will not approach other less robust and powerful model. With this equipment home workouts are effective and functional.

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