Toyota Hiace 2015 Manual Engine


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  • We now have 12 ads under cars for sale for Toyota hiace Diesel Engine for sale, from 6 sites. Toyota hiace DX long 2WD 2015 3000 CC diesel engine automatic. Toyota hiace 3000 CC diesel engine 2011/August manual transmission.
  • The globally respected Toyota HIACE has a reputation. There is a HIACE choice of engine to suit your lifestyle, so when it comes to. The manual transmission.
Toyota Hiace 2015 Manual Engine

Toyota Hiace Toyota HiAce is a motor vehicle from the popular manufacturer Toyota. Toyota HiAce was first launched in around 1967. This vehicle has been available in different configurations which include minibus, minivan (MPV), pick-up, van, taxi and ambulance. The second generation series H200 of RegiusAce was completely restyled and is currently in production. Transmission choices are a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic, with the gearshift lever integrated into the instrument panel so as to allow front seat passengers access to the rear of the vehicle from the inside. A moderate restyle was completed November 2005. However, HiAce and its variants are not yet available in Canada and in the United States.

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New and Used Toyota HiAce for Sale Philippines Toyota HiAce Price List 2018 It was in the 1960s when decided that ‘HiAce’ should be the name of its new light commercial range. The name is based on the two distinct qualities that the Japanese car maker wanted the vehicle to possess. According to its original designers, ‘Hi’ represents ‘high performance’, while ‘Ace’ signified ‘hard worker.’ Toyota successfully made sure that these qualities exist in every HiAce iteration, and as such, even after over half a century of different HiAce versions, the vehicle line continues to retain the same essential characteristics. The beauty of the HiAce is its high resale value- a second hand Toyota HiAce for sale will always return a tidy sum. Since its first generation, the Toyota HiAce van was mainly designed as a commuter vehicle capable of transporting up to 8 people. With this as the primary goal, the earliest HiAce vans’ dimensions followed a shape that could accommodate the most passengers.

This was made possible by the cab over body style, with the engine installed underneath and between the front passengers. The Toyota HiAce is the Philippine’s top-selling van by a mile. Though it doesn’t have much in the glamour department, the trusty HiAce has nevertheless outsold high-profile passenger cars such as the and the.

Recondition Toyota Hiace 2015 Pakistan

It has been in the Philippine market for decades and is easily recognized by many, with a widespread popularity that has helped it rank no. 4 in the list of the “Top 10 Best Selling Cars in the Philippines” for mid-2015. Not much needs to be said about the vehicle except that it is a family or service car that is sure to provide you with reliability, durability and value. The Toyota HiAce is a top contender if you are browsing through 2nd hand cars for sale in the Philippines. The latest models in the Philippines (particularly the Toyota HiAce 2018 and Toyota HiAce 2017) are equipped with the 3.0L Diesel, 4-Cylinders, L Type, 16-Valve DOHC —a 3.0 liter diesel D-4D DOHC engine which supplies 102 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque.

This engine can accelerate from 0-100 kilometer per hour (kph) in 18 seconds. A 3.0 liter version of the same engine is now available for the 2017 Toyota HiAce, specifically the 3.0 liter 1KD-FTV turbo-diesel engine that produces 170 horsepower and around 343 Nm of torque. The Toyota HiAce suspension employs a double wishbone system at the front and a rigid leaf spring system at the back. These elements lend the HiAce a skittish ride without load, and the cabin tends to bob about more than it should. However, refinement is not the reason the HiAce sells in vast numbers, but because it is a largely trouble-free workhorse that can endure decades of use.

Toyota HiAce Convenience and Entertainment Features As with all Toyotas, the ownership experience promises to be satisfactory with the HiAce. The cabin is very ‘old school,’ allowing for maximized load length within overall size constraints.

For its size, the HiAce is surprisingly easy to park and place, thanks to a Rack and Pinion with Power Assist steering system. Notable features for the high-end models include:.

Power windows, door locks, side view mirrors. Multi-information display. Air conditioning. USB ports.

CD Player. Remote central locking Toyota HiAce Safety Features Toyota has equipped the latest HiAce with a fair amount of safety and security features including:. 3-point ELR seatbelts.

SRS Airbags. ABS. Side door impact beams. Emergency stop signal. Vehicle stability control. Toyota HiAce Interior design A spacious interior is a staple of any Toyota HiAce van for sale so you can expect more of the same from the HiAce’s latest version. Top-of-the-line variants feature:.

Fujitsu-Ten 2-DIN CD player. Fabric- or moquette-covered seats. Dual manual air conditioning system. Modern-looking dashboard.

Large cargo space. Cup holders Toyota HiAce Exterior design The Toyota HiAce has a boxy appearance with a design that favors functionality over form. The overall look of the high-end version is accentuated by features such as:. Angular front/rear bumpers. Multi-reflector HID front headlamps. Automatic side door.

15-inch steel wheels. Semi semi-bonnet. Angled aerodynamic Windscreen Toyota HiAce Color Options Many Toyota authorized dealerships offer paint jobs to paint your brand new Toyota HiAce in a custom color as there are only three available color choices for the current model HiAce:. Black Mica. Silver Metallic.

White Pearl 2-Tone.

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